AM: “Satisfied in Suffering Because of His Love”

Introduction: Isaiah 53:10-12
>The suffering of Christ displays His love for us      John 3:16-17;    Romans 5:8-11;     I John 4:9;    John 15:11-13, 10:18
>The suffering of Christ displays for us the terribleness of sin
>The suffering of Christ displays the Holiness of God
>The suffering of Christ made possible to redemption of sin and sinners      Hebrews 12:2

I. The blessing is present tense

Are they which are persecuted      vs. 10

Theirs is the kingdom of Heaven
They have already entered into it by faith in Jesus Christ
They are living in it now and that is why they are being persecuted
They are already enjoying the benefits of it now in the blessings of their Heavenly Father
Are ye when men shall revile you      vs. 11

Rejoice and be exceeding glad now vs. 12

Are ye when men shall hate you      Luke 6:22

II. The suffering is real whenever it occurs


Revile you

Hate you

Reproach you

III. The cause of the suffering is critical to the blessing

For righteousness’ sake      vs. 10
For living righteously in this present world      Titus 2:11-15
For living in God’s righteousness
For speaking up for righteousness
For speaking against unrighteousness

For Jesus’ sake      vs. 11

For the Son of man’s sake      Luke 6:22

IV. The reward is in the future      vs. 12

For great is your reward

Your reward in Heaven

And the prophets before you

Action Points
>Are you enjoying the blessedness of suffering in this present life?
>How have you experienced any suffering for righteousness in your life?
>Are you living your life on earth in a way that is laying up rewards for you in Heaven?