WED: “The First Mention of ‘The Fear of The Lord'”

The word fear is used 385 times in the Bible.  In the Old Testament it is used 316 times, with 64 uses in Psalms and 35 in Isaiah.  In the New Testament, it is used 69 times, with 20 uses in Luke and 10 in Matthew.

TEXT:  Genesis 9:1-17; 15:1-7

  1. What the fear of the Lord is not!     Genesis 9:1-17
    1. It is not the fear that causes us to run away
    2. It is not a fear of danger as exhibited in animals
    3. It is not the dread or terror of destruction
  2. What the fear of the Lord is!     Genesis 15:1-7
    1. It is based on the Word of God:  The promises, authority & accuracy of God’s Word
    2. It is based upon the power of God:  We can be confident in God’s goodness, ability & character
    3. It is based on reverence;  not being frightened
  3. The fear of the Lord has a positive effect on us
    1. It has a positive effect on our behavior      Genesis 20:11
    2. It has a comforting effect when life is hard     Genesis 21:17
      1. God is a cause not to fear when life is not fear; when others are against us or when we are all alone
    3. It has a calming effect on us in God’s presence     Genesis 26:24
      1. When God is with us, we do not fear what man can do to us; we do not need to fear who is against us;  we do not need to fear the circumstances we are in.

This week, identify the fear you experience !