I. Revival is about reverencing God as Holy vss. 1-4

  1. God wants His children to be separated from the world vss. 1-2
  1. Separated from the abominations of the world
  2. Separated unto the holiness of God
  3. Separated to be a righteous influence on the world 6:21, 10:11

II Corinthians 6:14-18, John 17:8-20

  1. God wants us to be grieved by sin vs. 3
  1. God wants us to respect what His Word says vs. 4

II. Repentance is a major part of revival vss. 5-11

  1. God often works when we are faithful to regular worship vs. 5
  1. God sends revival when we get honest about our sinfulness vss. 6-7
  1. God sends revival in His grace to honor Him not sin more vss. 8-11

Romans 6:18-22, Galatians 5:13, I Peter 2:16, Jude 4

III. God’s grace in revival is cause for living for God’s glory vss. 12-15

  1. By obeying His Word not our own opinions vs. 12
  1. By thanking Him for His grace not abusing it in sin vs. 13
  1. By honoring Him in His grace not dishonoring Him in sin vss. 14-15