May 12, 2024
TEXT:   Proverbs 31

I. God wants a mother to teach her children vss. 1-2

A. Who they belong to – “my son”

B. Where they came from – “the son of my womb”
1. God’s design of family
2. God’s design of sexuality
3. God’s design of legacy

C. What God’s plan of social order is – “the son of my vows”

II. God wants a mother to warn her children vss. 3-7
A. About the destruction of moral sin vs. 3
B. About the destruction of intoxicants vss. 4-5
C. About the destruction of overusing medications vss. 6-7

III. God wants a mother to prepare her children vss. 8-9
A. Prepare them to be a voice for the voiceless vs. 8a
B. Prepare them to help others, not hurt them vs. 8b
C. Prepare them to speak righteously unto others vs. 9a
D. Prepare them to speak up for the vulnerable vs. 9b

IV. God wants a mother to point her children vss. 10-31
A. Towards God’s will in adulthood
B. Towards God’s person in adulthood
C. Towards God’s glory in adulthood

  • Action Points:
    Are you being the person God wants you to be now?
    What needs to change to help you become more of what God wants you to be in the future?
    What are you doing in your life to help others become the person God wants them to be?