May 5, 2024
TEXT:   Leviticus 22
Introduction: Malachi 1:6-14; Isaiah 1:11-15
I. Biblical worship is only done personally (vv. 18-21)
A. Generally invited
B. Individually offered

II. Biblical worship is only done willingly (vv. 18-19, 21, 29)
A. Religion is something you can be taken to
B. Ritual is something you can do the motions of (II Timothy 3:1-8)
C. Relationship is something you must participate in

III. Biblical worship is only done obediently
A. Unto the Lord alone (vv. 18, 21, 24, 27, 29)
B. With the sacrifice He will accept alone (vv. 19-25)
1. What He has declared in His Word (Psalm 34:18; 51:17; Isaiah 57:15; 66:2)
2. What He has promised to accept
3. What He has provided Himself
C. Only offered the way He has commanded in His Word (vv. 17, 26, 31)

IV. Biblical worship is only done relationally (vv. 30-33)
A. In relationship with God as His child redeemed
B. In right standing with God as forgiven and cleansed – repentant
C. In recognition of God’s rightful preeminence
1. He is God alone, not me or anyone else
2. He is the Creator God, I am His creation
3. He is the Saviour, I am the sinner