AM: “I Still Believe God wants His Children to live for His Glory Always”

Text: Col. 3:12-25

  1. The Inclusion of God’s statement to His children
    1. Any thing and every thing
    2. Any place and every place
    3. The whole of yourself, your day, your life.  II Chron 31:20-21
  2. The Action of God’s Will for His children
    1. You do individually as a child of God
    2. Ye do collectively as a church
    3. Ye do in the living of life
  3. The details of God’s plan for His children.   I Cor 10:31-33
    1. Verbally
    2. Actively
    3. Emotionally
    4. Totality
  4. The description of God’s call to His children
    1. With all your desire passionately   Psalm 119:10, 34
    2. With all your effort passionately    Ecclesiastes 9:10
    3. With all your passion sincerely       I Peter 1:22
  5. The declaration of God’s defined focus of His children        Zech 7:5-7;   Matt 6:16;   Rom 14:5-8;  Eph 4:22-23; 6:6-7;     I Peter 2:13-16
    1. God wants His children doing what they do for Him
    2. God wants His children to do all they do for His Glory
    3. God wants His children to do everything they do for His approval
  6. The promise of God’s accountability of His children.   V 24-25
    1. God wants His children to know He will bless their obedience
    2. God wants His children to know that they will suffer loss for their disobedience
    3. God declares this clearly in His Word in several places:-  Ecclesiastes 12:13-14; Romans 14:10-12; I Cor 3:13-15; II Cor 5:10

God will bless us for doing right and judge us for doing wrong!