TEXT: PROVERBS 18:21  “Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof,”

Join us as a missionary to a restricted nation preaches.

Why do words have power?  Romans 10:4

Our communication presentation affects people’s understanding.  How can we give our message the best chance of being understood, heard and contemplated?

  1. We are not tasked with making people believe, we can present, teach & speak
  2. Make an effort to maximize their understanding; don’t assume that you know what their worldview is; explain the truth as clearly as possible
  3. Tactfully engage with people   1 Peter 3:15 (be ready) –  The goal is to make people think
    1. Gather information about the other person with genuine interest
    2. Helpful:
      1. Tell me more
      2. What do you mean by that
      3. don’t argue – just ask why they believe that
      4. Ask why they think that way
    3. Develop a relationship
    4. Get them to think about their beliefs – ask “What if you’re wrong?”
  4. Lead them to understanding.