PM: “REvival prepares God’s people to fulfill god’s purpose”


  1. The importance of being ready for God to use your life     EZRA 7:1-9
    1. Being ready to do what God created you to do
    2. Being ready to seize the opportunity granted to you
    3. Being ready to experience the fulfilment of God’s will in you
  2. The importance of being prepared for God to work through you    EZRA 7:10-28
    1. The prepared heart is possible with God
      1. To seek the prepared heart the Lord offers us
      2. To seed the Lord in His Word
      3. To seek the Lord’s Will being done in your life
      4. To seek to teach others what we have learned from God
    2. The promise of God is possible for whosoever will
      1. Freewill to heed God’s Call
      2. Freewill to hear God’s Word
        1. Freewill to handle God’s funds
      3. Freewill to honor God’s Will
    3. The possession of God belongs to God     2 Corinthians 4:1-7
  3. The importance of God’s hand being upon us for good    EZRA 7:28
    1. God’s servant needs to be strengthened by God’s hand
    2. God’s servant needs to be blessed by God with His hand
    3. God’s servant needs to be assisted by God with other servants
  • Action Points:
    • Do you know for sure that you are ready to do whatever God wants you to do?
    • What are you doing to prepare your heart for obeying God’s Will?
    • How do you see God’s good hand upon you to fulfill His purpose for your life?