TEXT:  JOHN 8:31-38

  1. True faith in the true Saviour produces true disciples    John 8:31-32
    1. Truly believing on Jesus is essential
    2. truly knowing the truth is only by God’s Word
    3. Truly knowing God’s truth makes us truly free
  2. Only Jesus can make sinners free from sin’s bondage.   John 8:33-36
    1. All humans are in the bondage of sin without Christ
    2. Only the Son of God the Father can make us accepted
    3. God the Son, Jesus Christ, alone can make us truly free
  3. All people are in one of only two spiritual families.     John 8:37-38, 44
    1. We have no place for God’s truth if we are satan’s children
    2. We are all influenced by our spiritual father
    3. We act like the spiritual father we follow.

Which Spiritual Family are you in?