AM: “His plan for addressing sin in His church”

Text: Matthew 18:15-20

Continuing the series of “Anchored in His church”, Pastor Humber speaks on addressing sin.

  1. Deal with sin personally first of all – verse 15;  Luke 17:14
    1. Go alone first
    2. Keep it private first
    3. Keep the issue small
  2. Deal with sin purposefully always – verse 15
    1. Goal to gain the trespasser
    2. Goal to address the trespass
    3. Goal to remove the trespass  See also Galatians 6:1-3; Matthew 5:23,24
  3. Deal with sin publicly last of all – verses 16-20
    1. Only after privately – verse 16
    2. Then only with a few
    3. Then only to the church – verse 17; I Corinthians 5: II Thessalonians 3:6-15; Romans 16:17,18
    4. Remembering Jesus is always present – Verses 18-20; Ephesians 5:25-27
      1. He is watching what is happening – Verse 18
      2. He knows our motives and attitudes – Verse 19
      3. His glory is to be preeminent in His church – Verse 20

Action Points:

  • What are you doing to help your church be pure before the Lord?
  • What part of these truths is new information to help you handle offenses more Biblically in the future?
  • How will you  respond if you are ever being confronted with sin in your life in this Biblical fashion?

We will all have to answer to God!



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