AM: He builds His Church His Way

Text: Acts 2:37-47

Pastor Humber

  1. He adds to the church through the proclamation of His Gospel
    1. Preaching Christ to any who will hear
    2. Preaching truth to help people understand
    3. Preaching repentance to those lost in sin
  2. He grows His church through communication from His Word – V 40-43
    1. Proclaiming systematically the Gospel to the lost to accomplish salvation and spiritual growth
    2. Continuing steadily in studying the churches’ doctrine by believers for their growth
    3. Proceeding steadfastly in understanding the churches’ truths by believers for their maturity – V 43
  3. God grows His church through the building of relationships
    1. Strengthening Relationships
      1. With our Saviour
      2. With the church family
      3. With the community – growing in impact – V 47