AM: Christ will use His church to fulfill His purpose

Text: Acts 8

  1. Jesus declared His purpose for them     Acts 1:6-11
    1. To be empowered
    2. To be  witnesses
    3. To be going everywhere to everyone
    4. They began to obey Christ’s declared purpose.  Acts 2 – 5
      1. Some will always oppose obeying Christ’s purpose
  2. Jesus directs them if they will follow
    1. He directs through His Word  Psalm 119:105
    2. He direct through His motivator/Shepherd     Psalm 32:8
      1. Jesus is the Chief Shepherd of His flock
      2. He uses those He calls to shepherd His flock
    3. He directs through His Spirit    Proverbs 3:5-6;  John 16:13
  3. Jesus motivates them when they change their purpose
    1. His conviction can motivate us
    2. His chastening can motivate us
    3. Satan’s attack can be used to motivate us
  4. Jesus blesses them when they fulfill His purpose
    1. He blesses when His will is obeyed
    2. He blesses when He is glorified
    3. He blesses with His power
      1. Lives being changed
      2. Souls being saved
      3. Progress being made