AM: “Having Christ’s mindset on His mission”

Text: John 4:1-45

  1. What is the focus of my attention?  V. 1-5
    1. What are the necessities of my life
    2. What is my pre-occupation in this life  V. 32-34
    3. What are my greatest concerns in this life
    4. What is my greatest cause of pleasure in this life
  2. What I make important will be evident in my life
    1. Jesus made going to Samaria important  V.4
    2. Jesus made talking to the woman important  V. 6-26
    3. Jesus made the Will of the Father important  V. 31-34
  3. When we make God’s Will important, people will respond
    1. Jesus made God’s Will important and the town of Sychar was impacted  V. 39-43
    2. The woman made God’w Will important so her neighbors were impacted  V. 28-30
    3. Most of the people of Nazareth refused to be impacted by Jesus  V. 43-45
      1. See also: Matthew 13:53-58; Mark 6:1-6; Luke 4:16-30
    4. What impact am I having on others by making God’s Will important in my life?  V. 35-38

Action Points:

  • Are my priorities reflective of God’s Will for my life?
  • Is doing the Will of God in my life truly my necessity?
  • What do I need to change in my life to make God’s Will more of a focus for me?
  • Who does God want me to impact this week with His Gospel?