AM: Churches: God’s program for worldwide evangelization

Text: Acts 11:19-26

Barnabas was a willing, yielded servant of God

  1. God’s Will is for the spread of the Gospel everywhere (V.19-20)
    1. The persecution finally got Christians to leave Jerusalem
    2. As they went out they proclaimed the Gospel
    3. The Gospel began to reach beyond the Jewish people
  2. God’s power is necessary to accomplish God’s Will (V.21)
    1. God’s will in us
    2. God’s will through us
    3. God’s will around us
  3. Biblical churches take part in God’s work  (V.22-24)
    1. God’s work where they were
    2. God’s work in other places (at the same time)
    3. God’s work is evidently seen unto His Glory
    4. God works His work through His yielded servants
  4. Biblical churches work with others where they can (V.25-26)
    1. Others who are truly born again
    2. Others who of consistently faithful to God and His Word
    3. Others who agree in Bible Doctrines

Every “religious” group is not the same – the term “Christian” is used very loosely today – Christian = “Christ’s ones”!