AM: Churches are to be funding God’s Mission

Pastor Humber: “Churches are to be funding God’s mission”

Text:  Philippians 4:10-20


  • God’s plans are always perfect
  • God’s plan for funding his mission is through His church
  • His servants experience joy and rejoicing
  1. Giving begins with caring       V 10-13
    1. Caring starts with contentment
    2. Caring more means being more content
    3. Caring helps us to experience the Lord  strengthening us
  2. Caring involves communication      V 14-16
    1. Needs are communicated
    2. Prayers are communicated
    3. Funds are communicated
  3. Caring results in God’s Glory      V 17-20
    1. The focus of Paul’s desire
    2. The focus of Paul’s concern
    3. The focus of Paul’s contentment

Action points:

  • What type of care is most descriptive of my reaction to needs?  Worry? or Help?
  • Am I living contentedly enough so I can communicate to the needs of others?
  • What is the focus of my attention in giving or receiving blessings?