AM: “God Created All Things in Six Literal Days”

Text:  Genesis 1 – 3

  1. God is declared as the Creator of all things
    1. God made it all out of nothing
    2. God spoke it into existence through His own power
    3. God designed it all to function perfectly and complimentarily
  2. God displays His creativity in His creation
    1. God created everything to reproduce after its own kind
    2. God created everything good before sin entered into creation
    3. God created evening and morning to be a full day
    4. God created everything but man for a temporary time
  3. God created man very different to all other creatures
    1. God created man in His own image
    2. God created man for a unique relationship with Him
    3. God created man to produce more worshipers of Him.
  • Action Points:
    • Do I really believe in the God of the Bible?
    • Do I really believe in the biblical account of Creation?
    • Am I really serving God’s purpose for me in His Creation?