TEXT:  LUKE 2:8-20

I. The attention of the shepherds vss. 8-14
A. They were actively taking care of their responsibilities in life vss. 8-9
B. They were attentive to the announcement of God unto them vss. 10-12

1. They were attentive to the messenger of God vs. 10
2. They were attentive to the message of God vs. 11
3. They were attentive to the mercy of God shown to them vs. 12
C. They were appreciative to God for including them in this event vss. 13-14

II. The response of the shepherds vss. 15-16
A. They responded with faith believing the message delivered unto them
B. They responded with obedience to go to see the Messiah who had come
C. They responded with acting upon their faith to experience God’s truth to them

III. The witness of the shepherds vss. 17-20
A. They first had to experience the reality of truth personally vs. 17a
B. They could only make known what they had personally experienced vs. 17b
C. They could only make others wonder about it by telling them vss. 18-19
D. They could only glorify God for what they experienced with God vs. 20