1. We are all sinners in need of the Saviour (James 2:10)
A. If we break one of God’s laws, we are guilty of all of them (James 2:10)
B. Any sin is the breaking of God’s law, and we are all guilty before God (I John 3:4)
C. All sin begins in our heart, and we are guilty for it before God (I John 3:15)
D. We all have sinned in our heart before God and are guilty of sin (Matt. 5:28)

2. We are all unable to remove our sins before God on our own (John 8:34)
A. We are controlled by sin, and we cannot change it ourselves
B. We are separated from God, and we cannot change it ourselves (Exodus 32:33)
C. We are condemned in our sin, and we cannot change it ourselves

3. Whosoever benefits from His eternal life only by believing on Him (John 3:15-16)
A. We will never perish
B. We are forgiven of our sins (Acts 10:43)
C. We possess eternal, everlasting life
D. We shall be saved from God’s wrath on sin (Acts 2:21)

4. We must hear His Word to believe it; we must believe it to receive it (John 12:46-48)
A. Jesus & the truth of His Word gives light for us in the darkness of sin (v. 46)
B. Jesus’s life and forgiveness brings us out of the domain of sinfulness (v. 46b)
C. Jesus came as Saviour the first time, but will come as judge the second (v. 47)
D. Jesus must be received by faith as Saviour instead of Judge (v. 48)
John 3:17-18, 36, Matthew 18:4