Introduction: “And when they were come into the house”     

I. Keep your decorations Christ focused   

    1. Use Scriptures that point to Jesus
    2. Focus on the Gospel
    3. Avoid pagan or commercialization focuses

II. Keep your celebrating honoring to the Lord

  1. Include worship to the Lord in your celebration
  2. Include witnessing to the lost in your celebrating
  3. Don’t celebrate in ways that would be sinful or dishonoring to God

III. Keep your gift giving honoring to the Lord

  1. Don’t use God’s money for gift giving
  2. Give gifts that honor the Lord
  3. Don’t give gifts that dishonor God    Habakkuk. 2:14-16

IV. Keep your heart sensitive to the Lord vs. 12

  1. Be attentive to His voice speaking
  2. Be attentive to His warnings spoken
  3. Be attentive to His direction offered