February 25, 2024     TEXT:  Matthew 7:15-29

I. False prophets cannot help us build our life on Christ (vv. 15-20)
A. We need to be careful about who we learn from (v. 15)
B. We must examine the source of the teaching (v.16) (I Timothy 6:17-21)
C. We need to look at the fruit that is produced (vv. 17-20)

II. Lost religious people are not building their life on Christ (vv. 21-23)

A. Not everyone who claims to know the Lord truly does (v. 21)
B. Not everyone who is religious is doing God’s will (v. 22)
C. Not everyone who says they know Jesus are known by Jesus (v. 23)

1. Jesus makes this declaration very clearly
2. Jesus says He never knew them
3. Jesus banishes them from His presence eternally
4. Jesus declares them to be workers of iniquity not righteousness

III. Christ is the only sure foundation for earthly and eternal life (vv. 24-27)
A. We all build our life throughout our lifetime (vv. 24a, 26a)
1. By listening
2. By learning
3. By living      (Proverbs 4:20-27; 23:7; Matthew 9:3-4; 12:33-35)

B. We all face the storms of life during our lifetime (vv. 25, 27)

C. We all experience the results of how we build our life (vv. 25, 27)
1. Based on what we build our life upon.
2. Based on what we build our life with.   (James. 1:19-27, 3:8-18; Jude 17-23)
3. Based on what we build our life for.