AM: “Biblical Worship on earth should resemble Worship in Heaven”

Text: Revelation Chapters 4, 5 and 7

  1. The focus of Biblical Worship      Rev 4:1,2
    1. Heavenly focused
      1. Our focus on eternal things
      2. Our focus on listening to God speaking to us
      3. Our focus on being engaged with God before His throne
    2. Spirit focused                          Rev 4:2
      1. Our spirit needs to be engaged more than our flesh
      2. God’s Spirit working in the spirit of people
      3. God’s Spirit working in the spirit of lost people   John 16:7-14
    3. God focused
      1. Exalting the One on the throne     Rev 4:8-11
      2. Praising the One on the throne
      3. Offering to the One on the throne
      4. Declaring truth about the One on the throne
    4. Christ focused                         Rev 5:1-14
      1. Christ centered
      2. Christ exalting
      3. Christ honoring
  2. The participants of Biblical worship         Rev 7:9-17
    1. Anyone has the potential to be a true worshiper
    2. Anyone who has been cleansed of their sins
    3. Anyone who needs to be cleansed is welcome to attend
  3. The future experience of those who truly worship                  Rev 7:15-17
    1. Being in the physical presence of the true God in Heaven
    2. Enjoying the eternal satisfaction of being in Heaven with God
    3. Benefiting from our Saviour, Jesus Christ, forever
    4. The peace and tranquility of the perfection of Heaven forever
  • Action Points:
    • Are you truly worshiping today?
    • Are you a true worshiper today?
    • Are you truly worshiping Biblically today?
    • If not, what needs to change so that you can be?