AM: “America Bless God!”

TEXT:  PSALM 33:11-22

  1. God blesses the nation that blesses Him     Psalm 33:12
    1. The nation that worships Him as their God
    2. The nation that honors Him as the God He is
    3. The nation whose people have entered into His inheritance
  2. God sees all we are and to bless us or not     Psalm 33:13-17; 8-10
    1. God knows all things about all people
    2. God makes us all equal before Him
    3. God is the best deliverance for any of us
  3. God blesses the people who have trusted in Him     Psalm 33:18-22
    1. Nations are made up of people
    2. Families are made up of people
    3. Churches are made up of people
  • Action Points:
    • What are you doing to hinder God’s blessings on your nation?
    • How is your part in your family helping or hindering God’s blessing on you all?
    • How are you helping your church bless God as the true God & be blessed by Him?