Keeping Christmas Christian

The common root in the word “Christmas” and “Christian” is “Christ.” A true Christian is a follower of Christ, not merely one who mentally acknowledges the existence of Christ. Christmas is the worshipful celebration of the incarnation of Christ coming to the earth in human form to be the Lamb of God to save us sinners from our sins. Christmas is truly a Christian celebration that unfortunately has been perverted by the world and Satan to be something very pagan and materialistic. The child of God that has been washed in the blood of Christ and cleansed of their sin by faith in Him should make their life lived to be as honoring to their Heavenly Father as they possibly can. The world celebrates Christmas, as with most things, with far too much excessiveness in all the wrong ways. Drunkenness, debt, manipulative or guilt driven gift giving, or even emotionalism that is completely unhealthy for the individual and those around them. A Christian should live life in a worshipful way, because all of our life should be honoring and reverencing to God who is our Creator and Saviour and Judge. This is not opinion, but rather Scriptural truth recorded by God in many places throughout His Word. As parents who love our Saviour and want to keep the atmosphere of our home honoring to our God and a Christian influence on our children and the guests in our home, we should seek to present our worship unto our Saviour in our celebration of His coming to earth to be our sacrifice for sin. We should teach these truths to our children as they grow up in our home and family to be a witness to them of our faith in Christ in our lives personally and our hope for their lives as well. We cannot control what the world does with their Christmas celebrations, and we should not be surprised when they make it pagan or materialistic. We do not have say in how others celebrate their Christmas or New Year or any other holiday. However, we do and should control how it is observed in our own home and with our own family. We will not be accountable to God for what others do in their lives or in their homes, but each of us personally and individually will be accountable to God for what we do in our lives and in our homes in our celebration of Christmas and every other special event we celebrate in our time on earth.