God with Us

Psalm 46
This phrase is what the Incarnation Celebration of Christmas is all about. God with us, Immanuel. These are more than fanciful lyrics in a sentimental carol. They are the inspired Word of God declaring true theology from God to man for our faith in God founded on clear Bible doctrine. The idea of the presence of the Lord being among men is not exclusive to the Prophetic books of the Old Testament and the Gospels in the New Testament. In our call to worship text this Lord’s Day we are looking at this same idea in the Psalms. God with us in the person of Jesus Christ makes available to us the presence of God as a refuge in a whole new reality than the Old Testament saints would have understood and experienced this passage. One day the Lord will be in our midst once again as He rules and reigns from the Holy City of Jerusalem. The fulfillment of the first Advent of Christ coming to earth is a preliminary assurance of the second Advent of Christ being just as assuredly taking place in the future. The greatness of God and His eternal power and deity to fulfill these early prophecies of Messiah coming helps us to rest in the rest of the promises of God about a personal relationship with Him through faith in His Son as the sacrificial payment of our sins in His redemptive work on the cross and in the resurrection. It helps us realize we have no cause of anxiety when we are truly trusting in the Almighty to be our Salvation and our eternal hope. Our ability to trust the Lord with confidence because of the fulfilled prophecies help us to truly “be still” as we “know” that He is the I AM, the one true God, and Lord of all of creation. If God can fulfill the miraculous prophecy of a babe being conceived in the womb of a virgin displaying His Sovereign power over the normal biological design of impregnation, then He can do what I need in my life today, tomorrow, and on into eternity. If Mary could trust God to fulfill His Word to her as His tool to do His work on earth through her by her simple saying “be it unto me according to thy word,” then so can I in my life when things look impossible for me to even understand how it could work out. Let us allow God’s fulfilled promises to trust Him for His will to be done in us as we yield to Him obediently and rest in Him to fulfill the rest of His promises for us even into eternity.