Wednesday: “Jabez’s Prayer for Blessings”

Text:     I Chronicles 4:9-10

  1. Sorrows do not have to be forever
    1. Jabez was born in a time of sorrow
    2. Jabez means sorrow and grief
    3. Jabez was honorable, not a source of grief
  2. Blessings can come out of sorrows
    1. Children are a blessing born out of the sorrows of labor
    2. The history of God’s people has had sorrow and hope
    3. The sorrows of situations often get better over time
  3. There is nothing wrong with praying for God’s blessings
    1. God to prosper His children                       “enlarge my coast”
    2. God to be present with His children          “thine hand might be with me”
    3. God to protect His children                         “wouldest keep me from evil”
    4. God to bring peace to His children            “that it may not grieve me”     Numbers 6:22-27
  4. God wants to give good things to His children     I Peter 3:8-13
    1. God blesses His honorable children
    2. God blesses His obedient children
    3. God blesses His children who pray His Word