WED: “When You Fear the Lord You Can Celebrate Over Fear”

TEXT:   Esther 9:1-19

Introduction: vs. 2

  • >The fear mentioned here is in the enemies of God’s people
  • >The fear mentioned here was in a superior fearing a subordinate
  • >The fear mentioned here is the opposite of what is natural and logical
  • >The fear mentioned here is caused by God not by God’s people
  • I. Honoring the Lord results in God’s blessings on you vv. 1-6
  1. The Lord can work in leaders to bless you v. 1a
    1. The Lord can work to bring you victory over your enemies vv. 1b, 5-6
    2. The Lord can work to cause those you fear to fear you vv. 2-4
  2.  God can work to our good far beyond our comprehension vv. 10-13
    1. God blesses when our motives are pure
    2. God caused the king to give His children anything they wanted
    3. God displayed His protection of His people for all to see
  3. When God works mightily it is worthy to be remembered vv. 14-19
    1. Our motives are really displayed when we get our way vv. 14-15
    2. When we trust in the Lord, we can rest in Him and not worry vv. 16-17
    3. When God blesses His children, it should be celebrated vv. 18-19