I. God has to provide His forgiveness to us by His own means. Isaiah 7:14
A. God’s provision for our sins is the only way to be right with Him eternally.
B. Jesus was born of a virgin, so He had no earthly dad for a sin nature through Adam.
C. Jesus was conceived miraculously in the womb of a virgin by God the Creator
working beyond biology.
D. God would send His only begotten Son to be His sacrifice for our sin as our Saviour.
E. Jesus is God with us, among us, in human form so He could die for us.

II. We are guilty before God as sinners who have willfully sinned against Him. Isaiah 53:6
A. All of us are sinners and have sinned against God willfully.
B. All of us have chosen what we want in our sinful desires over what God says to us in
C. All of us need God’s provision for our sin to be cleansed so we can be right with

III. God’s price for our sin must be met for our sins to be forgiven. Isaiah 53:12
A. The wages of sin is death.
B. Jesus took our place in death for our sins.
C. Jesus bore our sins in His flesh on the cross to pay the debt of our sins to God for us.
D. Jesus is our mediator, our intercessor, our advocate, our go between for us with God
because He is God the Son.

IV. God has provided the payment of our sin in His Son’s sacrifice Isaiah 53:4-10
A. God poured His wrath on sin out on His Son as our sacrifice vv. 4-6
B. Jesus willingly took our place in the payment for our sins v. 7
C. Jesus died as our substitute for our payment of our sins v. 8
D. Jesus was sinless, but He took upon Himself the guilt of our sins v. 9
E. Jesus satisfied the righteous demands of God for our sins v. 10a
F. Jesus rose to life again from death to give us eternal life v. 10b

V. God’s provision for sin must be benefited from only by His plan. Isaiah 55:6-7
A. We must receive it from Him while He makes it available.
B. We must call unto Him for it personally and individually for our own sins to be
C. We must repent of our sin and turn to God in faith to receive His forgiveness.
D. We must be forgiven of our sins by God to have a right relationship with God.