TEXT:  PSALM 85:1-13

  1. The blessings of the Lord are part of revival          Psalm 85:1-5
    1. The favor of the Lord upon His children
    2. The forgiveness of the Lord unto His children
    3. The fear of the Lord in a positive way by His children
  2. The fear of the Lord is what brings revival         Psalm 85:6-9
    1. Revival restores the joy of the Lord in His children
    2. Revival renews the mercy of the Lord on His children
    3. Revival results in hearing the voice of the Lord to His children
    4. Revival causes living to the glory of the Lord by His children
  3. The goodness of God on earth is the reality of revival         Psalm 85:10-13
    1. God’s goodness being displayed in His work on earth by His children
      1. Mercy & truth meet together for our good in Salvation & Sanctification
      2. Righteousness & peace unite together for our wellbeing in Salvation & Sanctification
    2. God’s truth helps us to live it out in our lives on earth
    3. God’s blessings on the obedience of His people where they live
    4. God’s goodness is extended to help us walk in His steps
      1. His righteousness helps us to live right
      2. His truth helps us to live with integrity
      3. His mercy helps us to be merciful to others
      4. His peace helps us to live peacefully on earth
  • Action Points:
    • Do you see the blessings of God being limited in your life?
    • What areas of your life could bring more honor to the Lord by revival?
    • What can you do this week to yield to the Lord more for His glory?