TEXT:  JOHN 1:1-18

Introduction:  John 1:1-5;  Genesis 1:1-5

  1. There is only one true Light for all people     John 1:1-9
    1. The life of Jesus is the true light of mankind     I John 1:1-10;  Psalm 36:7
    2. The true Light of Jesus is the contrast to the darkness of sin
    3. The true Light of Jesus is the only source of light for every person
  2. The true Light of Jesus must be received by faith to be of benefit to anyone    John 1:10-13
    1. Jesus must be recognized for who He is
      1. Recognize Him as the true God who came in human form
      2. Recognize Him as the Creator God of Heaven & Earth and all that in them is     Ex 20:11;  Acts 4:24
      3. Recognize Him as the Saviour God who alone can cleanse you of your sin     Acts 4:12
    2. Jesus must be received, not rejected for what He has done
    3. Jesus must be regenerated in you for you to be born of God for eternity
      1. The regeneration of spiritual birth
      2. The regeneration of being born again by God is what Jesus made possible     John 3
      3. The regeneration of eternal life in a soul is not anything any one of us can do at all, for ourselves or for anyone else     Psalm49:6-9;  Romans 10:1-4;  Titus 3:3-7
  3. The true Light of Jesus came in human form to help us see God    John 1:14-18
    1. Jesus was made flesh, full of glory, grace & truth of God
    2. Jesus was made to dwell among us, from dwelling eternally in Heaven
    3. Jesus was made flesh so we can receive grace from Him by faith
    4. Jesus was made flesh to display to us God’s grace & truth
    5. Jesus was made flesh to make known to us God & His love for us
  • Action Points:
    • Do you know for sure you have received God’s true light by faith in Jesus?
    • Have you truly recognized who Christ truly is & what He has done for us?
    • What can you do this week to make Him known accurately & clearly to others?
    • Write down the name of one person you will commit yourself to witness to this week: _______________________