TEXT:  EXODUS 18:21-27

  • Introduction:     Exodus 18:21
    • These leaders for the people were:
      • from among the people
      • men that feared God
      • given responsibilities of leadership
  1. Good leaders follow the leaders over them     Exodus 18:17-19
    1. Moses was the God chosen leader of His people
    2. Moses listened to the leadership of God in leading His people
    3. Moses listened to the leadership of his elder give counsel on leadership
      1. Moses’ elder expressed his concern about how he was leading
      2. Moses’ elder explained why he had his concern from what he saw
      3. Moses’ elder expounded his counsel to help Moses lead God’s people better
  2. Good leaders lead others to become leaders    Exodus 18:20-23
    1. They mentor others to become leaders
      1. Good mentors give instructions to those they are mentoring
      2. Good mentors give explanations to those they are mentoring
      3. Good mentors give expectations to those they are mentoring
    2. They model to others how to become leaders
    3. They manage others to let them help lead
  3. Good leaders grow & become better leaders    Exodus 18:24-27
    1. Moses grew by listening to the wisdom of others
    2. Moses grew by learning from thee counsel of others
    3. Moses grew by leading in a different way with God