WED: “The Fear of the Lord Helps Us To Heed the Gospel”

TEXT: Acts 13:13-43

Introduction: Acts 13:16, 26

>Paul stood up to proclaim the Gospel to those that feared God

>Paul requested the attention of those that feared God

>Paul appealed to his Jewish brethren who feared God to heed the Gospel

-The Gospel is to the Jew first, but also to the Gentiles

-The Gospel is found in the Word of God given to the Jewish people to be recorded

-The Gospel of Salvation is of the Jews Genesis 12:2-3, John 4:21-24

-The Gospel of Salvation enables us to truly worship the true God in spirit and truth

I. The fear of God helps us to be faithful to the will of God vs. 13-16

  1. John Mark left the missions team and was unfaithful vs. 13

  1. Paul and Barnabas remained faithful to the will of God vs. 14

  2. Proclaiming God’s Word confronting people with the truth of it vs. 15-16

Nehemiah 8:1-8

II. The fear of God helps us to understand more about God’s Word vs. 17-22

  1. They understood God’s deliverance of His people vs. 17

  1. They knew about God’s provision in the wilderness wondering vs. 18

  1. They comprehended God’s victory for them in fulfilling His promise vs. 19

  1. They grasped the history of the judges, King Saul, and King David vs. 20-22

III. The fear of God helps us to realize the things we do not yet grasp vs. 23-31

  1. That Jesus is truly of the Messianic line vs. 23

  1. That John preached repentance through God’s Messiah vs. 24-25

  1. That God sent Salvation to the Jews through Jesus as He promised vs. 26

  1. That God’s message of the prophets is fulfilled in Jesus as Messiah vs. 27-29

  1. That the resurrection proves that Jesus is God and God’s Messiah vs. 30-31

IV. The fear of God motivates us to proclaim and heed the Good News vs. 32-43

  1. The glad tidings of great joy in God’s fulfilled promises vs. 32

  1. That God fulfilled His promise of Messiah in His only begotten Son vs. 33-37

  1. Messiah would not experience decay after death Psalm 16:7-11

  1. Messiah would be the only begotten Son of Jehovah God Psalm 2:1-9

  1. That God’s only remedy for sin is only by faith in Jesus vs. 38-39

  1. That God’s judgment on sinners is only avoided by God’s grace vs. 40-43

  1. Beware of experiencing the condemnation proclaimed by the prophets vs. 40

  1. Beware of continuing to reject Jesus as Messiah vs. 41

  1. Beware of ignoring God’s Gospel in Jesus Christ for eternal life vs. 42-43