Discipling New Believers in Truth                         January 24, 2024

TEXT:   Psalm 105:1-11

I. Aspects of worship in the Bible vv. 1-2

  • Thanksgiving unto the Lord
  • Calling upon the name of the Lord
  • Declaring the great deeds of the Lord
  • Singing Scriptural truths of the Lord
  • Proclaiming the wonderous works of the Lord
  1. Talking about the works of the Lord recorded in His Word
  2. Verbalizing the record of God’s work from His Word
  3. Preaching the message God has given to us about Himself in His Word

II. Actions of biblical worship displayed vv. 3-5

  1. Glorying in the Lord v. 3a
  1. To rave about who God is and what He means to us
  2. To make much of God and His greatness
  3. To clearly identify the superiority of God above all
  1. Rejoicing in the Lord v. 3b
  1. Rejoicing from a heart that is right with God
  2. Rejoicing from the soul filled with God’s Spirit
  3. Rejoicing because of focusing our attention on the Lord through His Word
  1. Seeking the Lord v. 4
  1. Seek Him with your eyes in His Word
  2. Seek Him with your mouth praying to Him
  3. Seek Him with your mind by thinking about Him, meditating on Him
  4. Seek Him with your ears and soul by listening to Him
  1. Remembering the greatness of the Lord v. 5
  1. Reminded of His marvelous works He has already done
  2. Reminded of His wonders that He has already done
  3. Reminded of His judgments He has given us from His mouth