1. The benefit of a longer life     Proverbs 10″27
    1. It adds days to your life by living with God’s blessings
    2. It adds to the productivity of the days you live with God’s help
    3. It adds to the enjoyment of the days lived to God’s glory
  2. The benefit of a holier life     Proverbs 16:6
    1. Living life with God’s mercy to cleanse sin away
    2. Living life in God’s truth to do right regarding sin
      1. Avoid it first & foremost
      2. Repent of it quickly when you fall
      3. Adjust to living life God’s way better
    3. Living life in obedience to God’s Word moving forward
      1. Honoring God more in living life His way
      2. Submitting to God more in doing His will
      3. Identifying temptation ahead as it is coming
      4. Departing from sin as you are faced with it
  3. The benefit of a better life     Proverbs 19:23
    1. It aims us to live life well to God’s glory
    2. It enables us to enjoy life blessed by God
    3. It enhances our satisfaction in the life we live
    4. It insulates us from much of the evil around us
  4. The benefit of a richer life     Proverbs 22:4
    1. It causes us to live in humility before the Lord
    2. It causes us to live richly blessed with the Lord
    3. It causes us to live honorably unto the Lord
    4. It causes us to live in communion with the Lord
      1. Presently on earth in His kingdom & presence spiritually
      2. Eternally in heaven in His kingdom & presence physically