WED: “Prayer of Thanksgiving to God for Giving Believers”

Text:  II Corinthians 9:6-15

  1. God would bless according to how it was given     V. 6-8
    1. God would bless their giving   V. 6
      1. God would bless the Biblical principle of sowing and reaping
      2. God would bless their reaping from their sowing
      3. God would bless them according to their sowing
    2. God would bless their purpose in giving     V. 7
      1. The obedience of their giving
      2. The joy of their giving
      3. The godliness of their giving
    3. God would bless according to His ability     V. 8
      1. God’s ability is with:  All power;  All grace;  All sufficiency; All knowing about every good work
  2. God would bless what was given     V. 9 – 12
    1. What is given to meet the needs of others
    2. What is given by the one giving it
    3. What is the fruit of what is given  V. 12
      1. God would bless the: Administration of the giving;  Service to the giving unto others;  Supply given to meet the needs of others;  Abundantly every part of this action of service
  3. God would be glorified in what was given     V. 12b – 15
    1. By those giving it
      1. Those who were doing this service
      2. Those who were supplying the need of other believers
      3. Those who were serving with thanksgiving to God for His blessing to enable them
    2. By those receiving it     V. 13
    3. By those benefitting from it     V. 14
    4. By what is accomplished through it     V. 14