WED: “Prayer is an Act of Faith in the Lord”

Text:  Psalm 41:1-13

  1. It is a prayer of faith in the Lord
    1. Trusting in the blessing of the Lord
    2. Trusting in the deliverance of the Lord
    3. Trusting in the protection of the Lord
    4. Trusting in the judgment of the Lord
    5. Trusting in the strengthening of the Lord
  2. The prayer for mercy from the Lord
    1. To heal his soul because of his sin
    2. To help him with his enemies
    3. To hinder disease from destroying him
    4. To handle those who betray him
  3. A prayer seeking favor from the Lord
    1. Favor him against his enemies
    2. Favor him to live with integrity
    3. Favor him in the presence of the Lord
    4. Giving God the glory for the favor He shows