WED: “Obeying God’s Will for All of His Children”

TEXT:  John 1:6-18

Introduction: Proverbs 11:30-31

>God wants His children to be a source of life to others

>God wants His children to be wise in witnessing to others to win their soul to Him

>God wants His children to be rewarded for helping deliver lost sinners from eternal Judgment

II Peter 3:9

>God keeps all of His promises perfectly

>God is very patient with extending His grace to us sinners

>God does not want sinners to spend eternity in Hell

>God desires all sinners to come to repentance of sin and faith in Christ.

I. God chooses to use humans on earth to bring humans on earth to faith in Him

A. He used John the Baptist to prepare people to receive Jesus as Messiah

B. He used Jesus to present Himself and His love to people

C. He uses true followers of Christ today to present His forgiveness to people

II. God chooses to work through the witness of His servants to reach the lost

  1. John was a witness of Christ to the Jews of his day
  2. Jesus was a witness of God to souls in Israel when He was on earth
  3. Believers today are to be a witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to lost sinners

III. God chooses to work in hearts through the witness of truth given to them

  1. All people have the potential to believe truth
  2. All people cannot believe without hearing the witness of truth about Jesus
  3. All people must hear the witness of truth to believe in order to receive it
  4. All people need a true witness of truth in order to believe the truth
  1. John was a true witness of what he knew to be true about his cousin Jesus
  2. Jesus was a true witness of God the Father because He came from God to earth
  3. Believers today must know the truth of Jesus to be saved and to be a witness