WED: “Honoring God Causes us to live cleaner lives”


    1. God’s creation speaks clearly     Psalm 19:1-6
      1. Speaks clearly about God’s glory
      2. Speaks clearly to everyone
      3. Speaks clearly in every place
    2. God’s Word changes our lives    Psalm 19:7-11
      1. …in our soul
      2. …in our understanding
      3. …in the joy of our hear
      4. …in how we perceive things
      5. …in our rightness before God
      6. …in our eternal experience
    3. God’s Glory is us honors God    Psalm 19:12-14
      1. God’s glory helps us to recognize our sinfulness
        1. Convicting us of our sinfulness
        2. Convincing us of our need of forgiveness
        3. Compelling us to repent of our sins & be cleansed
      2. God’s glory enables us to get right with Him
        1. By being cleansed of our sinfulness
        2. By being indwelt by His holiness in His Spirit
        3. By being filled with His righteousness to live righteously
        4. By being inhabited by His love to be loving to our fellowman
      3. God’s glory causes us to live in rhythm with God    Psalm 19:13-14
        1. Restrains us from sinful choices
        2. Reinforces us to avoid sin’s bondage over us
        3. Renews us to live a more holy life in His holiness     Ephesians 4:17-32