AM: “Make him known to all people in all places”

TEXT:  I Chronicles 16:8-36

  • Introduction:   God’s people should be the most grateful & gracious people on the planet!
  1. We have so many reasons to be thankful
    1. To be thankful to the Lord
    2. To give glory to the Lord
    3. To seek the Lord
  2. We need to remember His covenant with us
    1. Remembering the greatness of God through His Word
    2. Remembering the greatness of God’s covenant with us
    3. Remembering the greatness of God’s protection over us
  3. We need to make known what we know to be true
    1. Making Him known to people everywhere
    2. Giving Him glory & honor by people everywhere
    3. Thanking Him for His salvation by every benefactor
  • Action Points:
    • Are you expressing your thankfulness about God so others can hear?
    • Have you entered into the Covenant relationship with God through Jesus by faith?
    • What truth from God did you make known to others this week?
    • Have you answered God’s call to His people to join Him in His plan on earth?