WED: “Habakkuk’s Prayer of Praise”

Originally preached 11/18/2020 in Summerville, Oregon for publication 12/2/2020

Text:  Habakkuk 3:1-19

  1. Hearing God’s Word should draw us to Him     Habakkuk 3:1,2
    1. God’s Word needs to be heard
      1. So it can impact our lives
      2. So it can draw us to Him by knowing Him
      3. So it can grow us in intimacy with Him
    2. God’s Word should produce respect for God
      1. Respect Him for being our Creator
      2. Respect Him for being our Redeemer
      3. Respect Him for being our Judge
    3. God’s Word should make us desirous of God’s work
      1. God’s work to make known God’s greatness
      2. God’s work to deal with wickedness in his judgment
      3. God’s work to show His mercy to those who turn to Him
  2. Being in God’s presence should motivate us to praise Him    Habakkuk 3:3-13
    1. The Glory of who He is
    2. The greatness of what He can do
      1. The greatness of His glory that cannot be ignored forever
      2. The greatness of His authority and power over His creation
      3. The greatness of His judgment as the eternal God over all
    3. The goodness of delivering His trusting children
      1. God is all about delivering those who trust in Him
      2. God’s Word is given to help deliver His children
      3. God Himself is the Salvation of those who trust in Him
      4. God’s power delivers His children but judges the wicked     Hebrews 9:27
  3. Who God is should cause us to praise, no matter how life goes    Habakkuk 3:14-19
    1. God’s power & judgment is overwhelming
    2. God’s judgment often involves sacrifice & suffering
    3. God’s goodness is still worthy of our praise