Finding Your Identity in God
Elkanah & his Family   1 SAMUEL 1,2,3
I. We humans can make a mess of life vss. 1-3
A. Elkanah had a mess in his family and nation vs. 1, 4-6
He made a mess in his marriages to two women not being faithful to God’s design
This is not what God established in Genesis 1:27-31, 2:18-25
This is not what Jesus endorsed in Matthew 19:4-6
B. Hannah had a mess in her life that was not her making vs. 2, 6
C. He was faithful to lead his family to worship Jehovah God vs. 3a
D. Eli the priest had a mess in his family vs. 3b, 2:12-36

II. Other people can make life harder for others than is necessary vss. 4-7
A. Elkanah provided for the worship of his family vss. 4-5
B. Elkanah perhaps added to the tension with his favoritism vs. 5
C. Peninnah made Hannah’s sorrow of childlessness worse vs. 6
D. Hannah’s grief of childlessness grew worse every year vs. 7

III. Saying nothing is often better than saying the wrong thing vss. 8-11
A. Elkanah said the wrong thing to his grieving wife vs. 8
B. Hannah said the right thing vss. 9-12
C. Eli said the wrong thing at first, but finally made it right vss. 13-17
1. Acting on assumptions can get us in to a lot of messes vs. 13
2. Making declarations is not as successful as asking questions vs. 14
3. Stating truth is always better that reacting to things in emotion vss. 15-16
4. Saying a blessing is always the right thing to do to help others vs. 17

IV. We can go on with normal life when we give our burden to God vss. 18-28
A. Hannah was no longer sad even before being having her desire vs. 18

B. Elkanah and his family went on with life as usual even Hannah vs. 19-2:11
1. Went on with worship as usual including Hannah vs. 18
2. Went with family life as normal including Hannah vss. 19-20
3. Went on honoring God according to His Word vss. 21-23
4. Went on keeping their commitment to God vss. 24-28
5. Went giving glory to God for Hi goodness and greatness 2:1-11