WED: “Fear Does Not Have to Keep You From Obeying God”

TEXT:  EZRA 3:1-7        Note, there were some technical difficulties during recording; if this video is incomplete, we apologize.

Introduction: Key verse 3 “for fear was upon them because of the people of those countries:”

>The fear upon them was real

>The fear upon them was because of the people opposing them

>The fear upon them was because of their enemies in the neighboring countries

>The fear upon them was superseded by their value of obeying their God

I. Unity helps us to face our fear with obedience vs. 1

  1. They were unified in their obedience to God
  1. They were unified in their overcoming the fear of man
  1. They were unified in their faithfulness to worship

II. Valuing God helps us face our fears regarding obeying Him vss. 2-4

  1. Valuing His Word being obeyed as it was declared vs. 2
  1. Valuing His glory being displayed vs. 3
  1. Valuing bringing Him the glory He deserves vs. 4a
  1. Valuing worshipping Him faithfully because He is due vs. 4b Psalm 29:2

Psalm 96:8

III. Overcoming fear encourages continued obedience to God vss. 5-8

  1. They continually worshipped God in defiance of opposition vs. 5a
  1. They willingly offered worship to God faithfully in obedience vs. 5b
  1. They sacrificially gave money to build the Temple in honor of God vss. 6-7
  1. They obediently continued doing the will of God for their lives vs. 8