PART 2:   TEXT:  John 14:15-31
The moment we trust Christ as our Saviour then we are forgiven of our sins, born into the family of God eternally, and sealed with the Holy Spirit of God as the child of God. The Holy
Spirit lives in every true believer in Jesus and we possess all of Him and therefore there is no more of Him that we can have in us. As we grow in our faith and mature in our relationship with
the Lord the more we can learn to yield ourselves to Him so He possesses more of us so we experience more of His power in our lives to enable us to bring God more glory in our life.
I. He is our Companion   (vv. 15-18, 20, 23)
A. The Holy Spirit abides with believers all the time (vv. 15-18)
1. He is present with us all the time
2. He is available to help us all the time
3. He is accessible to work for us all the time
B. The Holy Spirit dwells in believers here on earth (vv. 17, 20)
1. He is in us to work in us as a child of God
2. He is in us to work on us as a servant of God
3. He is in us to work through us to others as an ambassador of God
C. The Holy Spirit assists us in our struggles until Heaven (Romans 8:25-27)
1. While we are on earth waiting for Heaven the finality of our Salvation
2. The Holy Spirit of God helps us in our struggles here on earth
3. The Holy Spirit helps us when we do not know how to pray
4. The Holy Spirit prays for us to God in ways we cannot as mere man
5. The Holy Spirit in men knows me and as God knows the mind of God

II. He is our Comforter (vv. 17-19, 21-23, 26-27)
A. He is a comforter for the child of God only (vv. 17, 18, 22)
1. The world cannot have Him because of the sin in them
2. The world cannot know Him because they do not know Jesus as Saviour
3. The world cannot see Him working because they are spiritually dead
4. The world cannot receive Him from God until they trust in Christ as their Saviour

B. He is the source of life from God in the child of God (vv. 19, 21-23)
1. Our source of God’s holiness in us
2. Our source of God’s peace in us
3. Our source of God’s joy in us
4. Our source of God’s glory in us
5. Our source of God’s love in us
C. He is the peace of God in us the world knows nothing about (vv. 26-27)
1. He is God’s peace in us through Christ
2. He is God’s peace in us that the world cannot offer
3. He is God’s peace in us to help us in the troubles of life

III. He is our Conviction (vv. 28-31)
A. The conviction of God in us when Christ is not present (v. 28)

1. To obey from the heart and not merely when we are watched
2. To obey because of what is controlling on the inside not just the outside
3. To obey becaue of who we are in the inside not who is around us in the world
B. The conviction of God in us to strenghten our faith to obey (v. 29)
1. Believe what God said before when we see it happening
2. Believe what God said ahead of it ever happening
3. Believe what God has said even if we never see it happen
C. The conviction of God in us to help us resist Satan’s attacks (v. 30)
1. Attacks of temptation to sin
2. Attacks of doubt to despair
3. Attacks of fear to control us
D. The conviction of God in us to motivate us to honor God (v. 31)
1. By obeying Him
2. By loving Him
3. By declaring Him
IV. He is our Counselor (v. 26)
A. He is our counselor by teaching us what we need to know
B. He is our counselor by reminding us of what we alreay know
C. He is our counselor by guiding us in the truth we are currently learning (John 16:4-15)
D. He is our counselor by helping us bring the glory to our Saviour in doing right