WED: “Daniel’s Prayer of Thanksgiving”

Text:  Daniel 2:1-1-49

Introduction:  When faced with an impossible challenge what is the first thing people do?

  1. Daniel asked his friends to pray with Him     Daniel 2:17-48
    1. Praying friends are valuable in crises
    2. Godly friends are supportive in crises
    3. Faithful friends are vital in crises
  2. Daniel gave thanks to God     Daniel 2:19-23
    1. For answering his prayer
    2. For saving his life
    3. For meeting his need
    4. For being the great God He is
  3. Daniel gave Glory to God before men     Daniel 2:24-30
    1. He determined to give God’s answer to the king
    2. He declared only God could answer the king
    3. He directed all glory to God for answering the king
  4. Daniel declared the information only God had     Daniel 2:31-45
    1. The governmental leader did not know what God knew
    2. The intellectual leaders did not know what God knew
    3. The spiritual leaders did not know what God knew
    4. God’s children did not know, on their own, what God knew
    5. God had to give what only He knew to His faithful children
      1. His children had to make it known to others
      2. His children had to use it to save the lives of others
      3. His children had to proclaim God’s message about coming events
  5. Daniel influenced others to honor God     Daniel 2:46-49
    1. Daniel was used of God to humble a king
    2. Daniel was used to exalt God appropriately
    3. Daniel was blessed of God by the king
    4. Daniel was a blessing to his praying friends