AM: “Rooted in Christ’s Mission”

Text:  John 15:1-8

  1. In order to be truly rooted in Christ’s mission, first we must be:
    1. Rooted in Jesus Christ     John 15:1,4,5
      1. Jesus is the vine
      2. We need to be in the vine who is Christ    John 15:2
      3. We must become clean through the Word    John 15:3
      4. We must abide in Christ and Christ must be in us
        1. Fellowship with Christ as Saviour & Friend
        2. Intimacy with God as Father
        3. Yielded to God’s Spirit who indwells us
      5. We must be a branch in the vine
  2. If we are going to be rooted in Christ & have His love flowing through us to others, then
    1. We must be rooted in Christ’s love    John 15:9-17
      1. God loves His Son, but gave Him for us
      2. Jesus loved us enough to give His life for us
      3. His love is give to us to receive as a gift
      4. If we receive His love, He wants us to share His love
  3. If we are going to grow in being rooted in Christ & His love, then
    1. We must be rooted in Christ’s Word    John 15:7,8,14,15
      1. His Word must enter into us regularly
      2. His Word must dwell in us continually
      3. His Word must dwell in us to know God intimately
  4. If we are truly rooted in Christ, rooted in His love and rooted in His Word, then and only then,
    1. We will be rooted in Christ’s Mission
      1. Bearing more fruit by growing in the Lord    John 15:2
      2. Bringing forth much fruit with the Lord    John 15:5
      3. Glorifying God by bearing much fruit    John 15:8
      4. Fulfilling His purpose for His children
        1. God has chosen to use His children for His fruit
        2. God has ordained His children for His ministry of fruit bearing
        3. God must work through His children so that they can bring forth fruit
          1. We cannot produce spiritual fruit in our flesh
          2. We cannot produce eternal fruit in our own strength
          3. We cannot do God’s work without God’s work in us
            1. I will make you fisher’s of men     Matthew 4:19;  Mark 1:17
            2. Ye shall be witnesses unto me     Acts 1:8
  5. Conclusion:  Our job is to follow Him, to learn of Him, to obey Him & allow Him to work His purpose in our lives!