WED: “Daniel’s Prayer of Confession”

Text:  Daniel 9:4-19

  1. Prayer is based on relationship
    1. Our relationship with the Lord by HIs Word     Jeremiah 25 and 26
    2. A relationship of seeking to be right with God
      1. Purposed prayer to seek the Lord     “I set my face unto the Lord God”
      2. Worshipful prayer to seek the Lord    “by prayer and supplications”
      3. Humble prayer to seek the Lord         “with fasting, sackcloth, and ashes.”
    3. A relationship of personal belonging with God
  2. Prayer is based on God’s greatness     Daniel 9:4,7,9
    1. The greatness of God’s omnipotence
      1. He is the Almighty God
      2. He is the all-powerful God
      3. He is the Creator God
    2. The greatness of God’s faithfulness
    3. The greatness of God’s righteousness
    4. The greatness of God’s mercifulness
    5. The greatness of God’s forgiveness
  3. Prayer is based on our repentance     Daniel 9:4-6, 10-15
    1. Our confession to God
    2. Our confession of our sins
    3. Our confession of our earning His judgment
    4. Our confession of our need for God now as before
  4. Prayer is based on our need for clarity     Daniel 9:7-9
    1. God is righteous and never confused
    2. We are sinful and often confused by our sin
    3. Our sin causes us to be confused or unclear in life
    4. Our rebellion leads us into a need for God’s help
  5. Prayer is based on our admission of needing God     Daniel 9:16-19
    1. We need God’s help with His judgment of our sin
    2. We need God’s help to restore His blessing to us
    3. We need God’s help with His righteousness & mercy
    4. We need God’s help with His forgiveness of our sin
  6. Prayer that is obedient & worshipful to God is answered     Daniel 9:20-27
    1. Daniel received an answer from God
    2. Daniel received his answer while he was praying
    3. Daniel received his answer by personal messenger – Gabriel
    4. Daniel received his answer & a whole lot more!