TEXT:  JOHN 2:23-3:21

  1. Jesus always spoke truth to the needs of people.  John 2:23-3:3
    1. People drawn to Jesus for different reasons
    2. Jesus knows the heart of every person
    3. Jesus spoke truth to Nicodemus’s true need
  2. Spiritual truth is often confusing to natural people.   John 3:4-8
    1. All Nicodemus understood was natural birth
    2. Jesus explained the difference of the two births
    3. Jesus declares the necessity of the second birth
  3. A true witness helps people understand truth.   John 3:9-15
    1. Nicodemus did not understand, so Jesus challenged him
    2. Jesus gave him more information about Himself
    3. Jesus gave hiim the truth of how to meet his true need
  4. Jesus gave him every detail necessary to be born again.     John 3:1-21
    1. About God’s love for him and everyone else
    2. About God’s gift sent to every person to receive
    3. About God’s purpose in sending His Son to earth
    4. About God’s truth about man’s true condition
    5. About God’s only solution to every person’s need