TEXT:  John 1:29-51

I. John pointed people he knew to Jesus      John 1:29-34

A. He wanted them to know Jesus was the Lamb of God vs. 29
1. To be our sacrifice for the debt of our sins to be paid for
2. To shed His blood to cleanse us of our sins before God
3. To take away our sin as the final sacrifice for sins
B. He wanted them to know that Jesus is the eternal Son of God vs. 30
C. He wanted them to know the truth of what God said about His Son vss. 31-34

II. John made sure his friends knew Jesus was the Messiah    John 1:35-42
A. He wanted to encourage them to follow Jesus vss. 35-36
B. He had prepared them to follow Jesus as Messiah vss. 37-40
C. He prepared them to bring others to Jesus vss. 41-42

III. Philip brought others to come to meet Jesus, the Son of God    John 1:43-51
A. We must be following Jesus in order to help others follow Him vss. 43-44
B. We must go to others and tell them what we know about Jesus vss. 45-46
C. We must come to Jesus in order to know Him personally vss. 47-49
D. We must walk with Jesus in order to experience His power vss. 50-51