WED: “A Prayer of Thanksgiving for the Christ Child”

Originally preached at Summerville Baptist Church, Wednesday, December 2, 2020 for airing Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Text:  Luke 2:8-40

  1. The thanksgiving praise of the shepherds     Luke 2:8-20
    1. Shepherds who were busy shepherding were given truth
    2. Shepherds who were given truth obeyed the truth they had heard
    3. Shepherds proclaimed thankful praise to others of the truth they learned
  2. The thanksgiving praise of Simeon    Luke 2:21-35
    1. Joseph, Mary & Simeon were being faithful to God & His Word
    2. Simeon was faithfully waiting on God to fulfil His promise of Messiah
    3. Simeon was present to witness the gift of God & give praise for it
  3. The thanksgiving praise of Anna    Luke 2:36-40
    1. Anna was a godly woman who listened to God speak
    2. Anna was a widow woman who was fully devoted to God
    3. Anna was a witnessing woman who gave praise for her Saviour
  • Conclusion:
    • Each of these had the same motivation of their thankful praise; Jesus
    • Each of these had the same focus of their thankful praise; Jesus
    • Each of these had the same purpose in their thankful praise…
      • God to be given glory for His gift to man
      • Jesus to be declared for who He is as Messiah
      • Mankind to hear the witness of the truth of God’s Word in order to be redeemed