PM: “Christ’s Mission Fulfilled in Us”

Preached 11 am December 6, 202011 at Summerville Baptist Church, Summerville, OR for publication  at 6 PM

Text:  I Peter 2:1-12

Introduction:  The why & what of Christ coming in His mission

  1. So we can be delivered from our sins     I Peter 2:1-3
    1. So we can have victory over sin’s power over us
    2. So we can have new birth from our sin’s death over us
    3. So we can have new life by God’s grace through faith in Christ
  2. He came to us so we can come to Him by faith    I Peter 2:4-8
    1. He came as a living stone
      1. To be the cornerstone of the foundation of our faith
      2. To be a stumbling stone to us in our sin
      3. To be a rejected stone by those deceived by their choices
    2. He came to make us lively stones
    3. He came to make us acceptable to God
  3. He came to make us able to live for God’s Glory    I Peter 2:9-12
    1. As His holy people by faith in His Holy Son as our Saviour
    2. To become His people displaying His glory on earth     Matthew 5:16;  Ephesians 2:8-10
    3. To become His children because you were not His children
  • Action Points:
    • Have you allowed Christ’s mission to be fulfilled in your life by faith in Him?
    • How are you growing in Christ’s mission being fulfilled in your life for God’s glory?
    • How are you showing forth Christ’s mission being fulfilled in your life as you live?