WED: “A Prayer of Praise in Heaven”


  1. What we see motivates us to pray     Revelation 15:1-2
    1. John saw another sign in Heaven
    2. John saw the wrath of God being filled up
    3. John saw the tribulation saints in Heaven
      1. A great multitude of saints who had been through fiery trials
      2. A great number of saints who receive victory in the tribulation     Revelation 13
      3. A great number standing in Heaven having received the harps of God       Revelation 12:10-11
      4. A great multitude of all nations on earth     Revelation 7:9-17
  2. What we see is what is prayed about     Revelation 15:3-4
    1. God’s glory is seen & praised
    2. God’s Lamb is seen & praised
    3. God’s work is seen & praised
    4. God’s holiness is seen & praised
  3. What we pray about impacts our experience     Revelation 15:5-8
    1. The things that are opened up to us to see
      1. This temple is in Heaven
      2. This tabernacle is opened up in Heaven
      3. This place of the glory of God is where the wrath of God came from
    2. The understanding we have about what is happening     Revelation 15:6-7
    3. The limits placed upon us by God’s glory     Revelation 15:8
      1. God’s glory makes no room for anyone else     Exodus 40:34-38
      2. God’s power from the temple is unapproachable by man
      3. God’s wrath on sin must be measured out first.